What is the ideal amount of sleep for Good health

The right amount of sleep depends on so many factors. The most important factor is age. Other factors which can affect on the ideal amount of sleep are sleep quality, sleep deprivation, pregnancy, Aging

why you need quality sleep? If your sleep is frequently interrupted you are not getting quality sleep. Quality sleep is as important as quantity. If your sleep is deprived your amount of sleep will increase. When you are pregnant you have change in Hormone levels and physical discomfort will cause low sleep quality.

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Kids Sleep time- The recommended amount of sleep for babies varies from 9 to 10 hrs at night and 7 -8 hours in a day. For preschoolers it is 10 to 13 hrs. It is recommended to have 7 to 9 hours of sleeping for adults and older adults.

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Researchers findings suggest that if you did not get quality sleep or you will sleep for an excessive hours  it will be a serious threat for your cognitive development.  There is a strong link between sleep duration and risk of developing Alzheimer and dementia and cognitive decline is a major symptom of it.

If you are having 7 to 8 hours of continue sleep at night without any disturbance it will be very important for your cognitive performance and good mental health and well being.