Healthy Foods which will increase your child’s weight

 Every parent wants the best for their child’s wellbeing. Making sure your child is eating enough food is one of the toughest challenges of maternity and parenting. It is much different from modifying a child’s eating habits to monitor a youngster who is underweight. Let’s talk about some key foods that can aid in your child acquiring weight.

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Best weight gaining foods for your kids

1. Potatoes- potatoes are full of carbs which can be converted to glucose which is a great source of energy. It is rich in carbohydrates and amino acids and dietary fiber which will gain your weight naturally. It is delicious and favorite for kids. They can eat them as messed potatoes or as stuffed rotis. It is a potent source of starchy carbohydrates and helps the kids to gain weight easily.

2. Eggs- eggs are a good source of proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. it is best for kids for gaining weight. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight bracket. It is full of calorie and vital for the development of brain and nervous system.

3. Bananas- banans are quick source of energy and full of healthy carbohydrates for weight gain.  One banana has 105 calories which is a good snack for everyone. You can either consume it in milkshakes or can eat it as fruit salads, creamy deserts. it is best fruit for kids to gain weight.

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4. Dairy products- Diary products like milk, cheese, butter are good for a kid’s health and weight gain process. Milk is loaded with a good dose of calcium which is helpful in building strong bones and keeping the overall health of your little one. Make sure to give your baby two glasses of water to gain weight. Don’t give them plain milk and fill them with cereals or milkshakes. Butter is again the main source of healthy fats which will fasten your weight gain process.

5. Dry fruits- dry fruits is one of the healthy foods to gain weight easily in a child. It is packed with vital nutrients which are high in fiber and much needed calorie boost. You can consume dry fruits with milk or offer them your child as snack on watching TV. From cashews and almonds, raisins dates these are perfect for nutrition build up in a child.

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6. Oats- Oats have nutritional value. It has rich fiber content they are excellent for healthy Bowel movements and helpful in prevention of constipation.  It is power packed with iron, Zinc, magnesium. it is  a good nutritional diet for your kid.

7. Chicken and lean meats- chicken is a rich source of protein which is helpful in building muscles in the body of kids and adults. It is healthy fat gaining and best way to maintain your kids weight chicken is easy to cook and a staple favorite among the non vegetarians.