Popular Hybrid cycles available in India

If you love riding bicycle you can invest on a hybrid bicycle it is a combination of road bike and a mountain bike offering the best of both of them. These cycles are designed to tackle number of terrains like from smooth roads to rough trails and is a perfect choice for everybody who is looking for comfort with versatility. The frame of this cycle is lightweight and has durable material like aluminum and carbon fiber. It is designed to provide a comfortable ride in upright riding position. It has number of gears which is making it  easy to tackle the hills and maintain a comfortable pace.  Let’s discuss the best hybrid cycles available in India

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1. Fire fox hybrid cycles- Athelio is a beautiful alloy hybrid bike that is a wonderful option for daily commuting. It delivers the functionality of casual city cycling. It has a zoom suspension fork on an aluminium hard tail hybrid bike with FD and RD Micro shift gear shifters. It has double wall rims for added robustness, a V brake, and power braking. It includes a QR seat for quick saddle adjusting. It features 19.5-inch frames and 700 c inch tyres.

2. Cradiac Discover Pro Hybrid Bike- The suspension fork of the Cradiac Discover pro single speed is installed. This single speed bike is simple to maintain, making it perfect for commuting in urban areas. It is a single-speed hybrid bike with a 19-inch high-tensile steel frame that is strong and long-lasting. It has twin disc brakes and a pro single speed for a safe ride in erratic weather, busy traffic, and steep descents. Its 700C nylon tyres provide all the traction needed for a smooth ride.

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3. Triad Hybrid bicycle- This bicycle’s aluminium 6061 frame was created using cutting-edge technology to provide a lightweight frame and stable rider placement. This frame guarantees a comfortable, upright riding position while giving performance. It is sturdy and nimble. The steel rigid fork’s lack of threads results in a weight reduction overall, and the fork blades’ moderate curve offers sufficient shock absorption for urban use. The trinity x3’s braking system is composed of strong mechanical disc brakes at the front and back.

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4. Vector Athens Hybrid bike- it has 18.5 inch steel frame. It has comfortable seat with quick release height adjustment. It has reflectorised anti skid pedal. it comes with nylon hi traction all terrain tyres with striking colored self adhesive decals  it has steel rim with reflector.

5. Urban terrain hybrid bike- it has premium brakes in both front and rear wheels provide maximum safety. The cycle will be delivered in 85% assembled condition.  It has a sturdy and reliable steel frame that provides top quality which ensues a long lifespan. It is packed with light and strong double walled alloy rims along with 700c tyres that supports comfortable riding and a major performance advantage on the road. It has easily adjustable saddle height and an attractive grip offer superior comfort and well cushioned ride. The seat can be adjusted without using any tools.