Budget friendly dinner sets you can buy in India

Delicious food presented on elegant dinnerware leave a lasting impression on the invited visitors. These dinnerware sets are ideal for setting the table in a beautiful manner, whether you are hosting a lunch or dinner party for a large number of guests or intimate friends. Therefore, there is no need to sacrifice your dinner settings because they are also accessible at a reasonable price. Let’s talk about the top meal sets that are reasonably priced.

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Handpicked budgeted dinner sets available in India

1. Cello Opal ware dazzle tropical lagoon dinner set- According to European standards, this is built in India using the most cutting-edge German technology. It is sanitary for your family, bacteria-free, and has temperature resilience from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. It is constructed of green materials and is entirely vegetarian and bone ash free. There are no fractures when food is heated in the microwave from the refrigerator. These dinner sets have bright motifs that make sparkling white wares appear lovely. They are 100% sanitary, simple to clean, and robust.

2. Larah by borosil Opalware dinner set- The floral Ayana series dinner set includes 6 full plates, 6 tiny veg bowls, 6 veg bowls, and 1 multi functional bowl. Because there is no bone ash in this dinner set, it is ideal for staunch vegetarians and may be used for special occasions. Because the dinnerware in this set is microwave-safe, you can immediately reheat your meals on the plates. It is easy to use and store because it is lightweight and stack able. It is a top-notch product that is stain- and odor-resistant.

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3. Amazon basics dinner set- this dinner set has AB grade porcelain for everyday use it is lightweight yet durable. It has elegant modern design for easy coordinating and existing tableware and decor. It is dishwasher safe, freeze safe and microwave safe , plates can withstand heat up to 300 degree Celsius. It has limited  1 year warranty.

4. Exclusive Lane ceramic plates for dinner set- The dinner sets are microwave and dishwasher safe and lead free the dinner plates are ideal for serving large or main meals. This product is handmade and hand painted there might be slight color or design variation which is natural and hence makes the product unique.

5. Melamine Dinner Set – it is beautiful and high quality of melamine dinner sets. It is a unique product because of its graceful designing and superior quality given at a breakthrough price . it has a glassy and glossy finish adding to its beauty . it is reliable durable and better quality  than others  this product is freezer safe, dishwasher safe , unbreakable  food grade material.

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6. Maharani dinner set- The finest for all occasions, this dinner set is microwave safe and is lightweight and stackable, making it simple to clean and store. It may be used to reheat and serve food directly from the refrigerator to the microwave. Cleaning and maintaining it is simple. All kitchens and dining areas are strongly encouraged to purchase this dinner set since it will beautify the dining space and is constructed of 100% safe, food-grade plastic that is easy to clean and maintain. It is manufactured in India.