Popular English newspapers in India

Newspaper reading is a beneficial habit since it has educational advantages. There is discussion about politics, entertainment, the economy, sports, business, trade, and commerce. Your vocabulary, linguistic skills, and general knowledge will all improve as a result of this habit. Many individuals make it a habit of reading the newspaper every day; without it, their days would not be complete.

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1. The Times of india- The Times of India is referred to as TOI. More than 36 cities in India have access to The Times of India. The broadsheet format is used by The Times of India. The newspaper is published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. It is the most popular English-language daily in the world and the third-largest newspaper by circulation in India

2. Hindustan times-The Hindustan Times is available in the Indian cities of Mumbai, Chandigarh, Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, and Kolkata. The broadsheet format is used by the Hindustan Times. HT Media is the publication’s publisher. One of the most widely read newspapers in India is called Hindustan Times. It is Shobhana Bhartia’s and the K. K. Birla family-controlled company HT Media’s main publication.

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3. The Indian express-When discussing English newspapers, its name is undoubtedly well-known. Every day in more than 22 major Indian cities, the greatest English newspaper is sent to countless households. Since it first started operating on September 5, 1932, this organisation has been actively involved in this effort for many years. Since then, our publication has experienced tremendous growth in popularity among readers who enjoy news. On behalf of this company, Raj Kamal Jha is in charge of the task. The Financial Express, Loksatta, Jansatta, and other publications are among the organization’s many branch newspapers.

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4. The Hindu-The Hindu is one of the most well-known English periodicals to have picked up our topic. Newspapers are available in major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and many more. This well-known newspaper’s publication and other responsibilities are under the control of N Ravi Suresh Nambath.

5. The telegraph-Among Indian newspapers in English, the finest English-language publication is regarded as being fairly well-read. The East Indian cities where this newspaper is available include Kolkata, North Bengal, North East India, South Bengal, and Jharkhand in both small and large towns. Since its service began on July 7, 1982, it has been providing assistance to individuals for a number of years.

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Anand Publishers, a well-known publishing business in East India and West Bengal, is the publisher of this daily. According to a study, 352972 newspapers are printed and distributed daily. This company publishes Anandbazar Patrika, one of the most well-known newspapers. It goes without saying that their e-portal and website are quite well-liked.

6. The Economic times- An English-language daily newspaper called The Economic Times is printed in India. This journal is well-known for its financial and business articles. For those who are curious in the financial state of the Indian or international sector, The Economic Times must be the better option.

It is recognized as one of the greatest business newspapers in the world, and readers who are curious about the topic like it. The publication has around 8 lakh subscribers in India. The daily themes addressed include the state of the Indian economy, financial markets, equities, commodities, and global finance.