How can you maintain the oral hygiene of your mouth

It is necessary to maintain a good oral hygiene and have to restrict the intake of sugar meals and beverages if you want your teeth for long time. Bright smile is crucial for the overall personality of a person.  So many people face challenges with oral cavities and teeth related issues. According to the dental experts food particles struck in to your teeth and promote the plaque development between the teeth which can be the main reason behind the gum diseases and tooth decay. If you want to avoid these problems you have to avoid certain foods. Let’s discuss the actions you have to take for maintaining the oral hygiene of the mouth.

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Tips to control tooth decay

1. Cleaning the tongue- you have to clean your tongue daily with gentle brushing two times a day. You have to do gentle brushing and have to avoid the excessive pressure on the teeth and gums to avoid damage. You have to try water flossing after every meal to make your mouth clean and bacteria free. It will remove the food particles and plaque form between the teeth and along the gum line.

2. Avoid snacking and munching- you have to limit the sugary foods in your daily diet and limit the snacking and munching all the time. If you will consume more sugary foods it will lead to tooth decay and can lead to build up of food particles and plaque between the teeth.

3. Brush and floss every time you eat- you have to make the daily routine to floss and brush the teeth every time you eat. Brushing and flossing at night will prevent the buildup of the plaque and tartar in your teeth which ultimately will lead to tooth decay and diseases.

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4. Use of mouthwash- You have to use mouthwash to remove the food particles left after brushing and flossing.

5. You can also schedule dental checkups and cleanings time to time so that your teeth should be clean and germ free.

6. you have to replace your tooth brush every three months or sooner if the bristles are splayed or worn