International destination you can travel with your special women

If you are planning to go for a holiday with your special women lets discuss some special destinations you can go with your soul mate. As we all know if you want to travel an international destination it require lots of planning and booking in advance and discussions but we have curated a list of destinations  which do not require a lot of pre planning and have easy visa formalities.

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1. Bhutan- Bhutan is a country which has warm people and a true example of simplicity. It welcomes the tourists with happy smiles and opens hearts. it is one of the best and safest locations to travel. You can visit with your sisters, mother or pals this country is full of cafes and paro giving an ideal landscape. Indian nationals visiting Bhutan do not require visa.

2. Bali- bali in Indonesia is which provide visa on arrival facility. Bali has lush green fields and mesmerizing waterfalls, serene beaches and lip smacking local dishes with beach shacks and night clubs. It is an ideal destination to visit with your girlfriends or sisters.

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3. Maldives- it is a honeymoon destination and famous spot to visit with families and friends. If you want to visit a place where you can dip your feet in water and taking a sunbath and sipping iced cocktails then Maldives is a favorite place for you. This country provide visa on arrival so travelling here is so easy.

4. Thailand- Thailand is the common destination to visit for bachelors. it has party culture and exotic beaches to enjoy. But now it is a common destination to travel with family and for adventure lovers who want to indulge in water sports. This will provide visa on arrival for Indian nationals.

5. Cambodia- Cambodia also offers visa on arrival and has rich cultural heritage and beautiful sightseeing opportunities. It has tropical weather and cultural beauty to attract tourists here. It has beautiful temples and stunning architecture.