Best travel magazines in India

Travel fans use travel publications to narrow down their choices for their upcoming trips. Additionally, a mixed visualisation appears in your mind and different pictures are displayed when you think of visiting in India. Imagine you are a hiker, climber, or single traveller. If so, you’ll need to subscribe to a reputable travel publication to learn about the most recent advice and deals. The top seven travel publications in India are listed below.

1. Travel Links- If you’re a visitor who seeks for insightful and original analyses of a location or a gorgeously prepared list of destinations with their must-sees. The best publication for you is Travel Links. A one-of-a-kind publication, Travel Links Magazine focuses on broadcasting travel trips and real-life encounters while nurturing the experience.

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2. National Geographic traveler- The most well-known travel publication in the world is National Geographic Traveller. has Washington, D.C., as its principal city. The journal is well-known in several nations, including India. It has worked to raise awareness of many fascinating investigations and the need to preserve the environment since 1988.

3. Discover India- The magazine will undoubtedly draw you into a rabbit hole, lead you astray in a big metropolis, or place you high on a hillside. It is an adventure novel that captures the true spirit of the setting, the people, and the vibrant hues of the country. The magazine is a visual feast, filled with alluring images from around the world.

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4. Outlook Traveler- Top Travel Magazine of India- Outlook Traveller, one of India’s most prestigious travel publications, aims to portray the whole world in its pages. It contains a wealth of different material, written by devoted authors and contributors who share their experiences. Outlook makes sure that its manuals are up to date and illuminating. Its devoted and wise readers, who accept nothing less than the finest, have benefited much from 175 issues and 15 years. You’ll keep reading the book frequently because of the beautiful views.

5. Lonely planet- Indian travelers’ demands are exactly met by Lonely Planet India. Lonely Planet offers useful responses to people’s individual inquiries since it is knowledgeable about the local culture and social customs. The articles include useful advice on organising a trip, setting a budget, choosing a location, staying in a hotel, eating in a hotel, and anything else a tourist needs to know. The magazine appears to be well worth reading, and the images are excellent.

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6. Wanderlust India- The adventurous, the scared, the unconventional, the curious, the competitive, and the ones ready to take risks by stepping outside of their comfort zones are those who have a wanderlust. Wanderlust India, an Indian travel magazine that has won nine tourism awards, has done a lot of things correctly. It has helped hundreds of people realise their travel goals and, in the process, learn more about themselves.

7. Travel+ leisure India- One of the most recognisable travel publications in the world is Travel+Leisure India-South Asia. It provides a close look at several international locations with breath-taking pictures and expert assessments of various locations, meals, cultures, trends, styles, etc. Every month, a new edition of the magazine is released.