Best family friendly movies you can watch

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Watching a movie with your family on a Sunday night. There are very few topics that all members of an Indian family can agree on, despite the fact that they frequently argue, squabble, and throw temper tantrums there as well. One of the few things that may bring people of all ages together and get them to spend time together without fighting is watching a movie. Let’s look at some of the best current Bollywood films that you may watch with your family to make the most of your evening together.

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1. Drishyam- Drishyam, a thriller that is an adaptation of a Malayali movie of the same name, charts the journey of a father seeking to exact revenge on his daughter for her humiliation. It explores the extremes a person will go to in order to protect their family and loved ones while still offering you the typical excitement of watching a suspenseful thriller. Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Shriya Saran are a few of the film’s leading actors.

2. Bareilly ki barfi- In the lovely romantic comedy Bareilly ki Barfi, Bitti, a carefree young girl, develops feelings for a writer she has never met but has only read. The narrative that follows is a charming investigation of love and romance set in the sleepy hamlet of Bareilly.

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3.BaDhaai Ho- Badhaai Ho is a comedy-drama that is best enjoyed with your family and is unquestionably among the top recent Bollywood films for families. The film is a must-see because of its socially relevant subject matter, clever humour, and outstanding performances by the actors, especially the late Surekha Sikri.

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4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan- This popular movie told the sweet story of a simple man who encounters many difficulties while attempting to assist a young child in returning home. Why the challenges? Munni, the girl, accidentally crossed into India from Pakistan. The movie is both a timely commentary and a fun viewing.

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5. English vinglish- This film is about the inspiring story of a woman finding her own place in the world. Shashi, a typical homemaker who had never given the opportunity to fly, was played by Sridevi, who looked stunning. The movie might even serve as a springboard for awkward family discussions regarding a variety of subjects!