Vastu advice to ensure strong family ties and prevent disputes between husbands and wives

Every marriage experiences ups and downs, and the dynamics between siblings and other family members are no different. Even though dispute and differences of opinion are normal in families, occasionally Vastu Dosh in the house is to blame for disruptions in family life.

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Vastu Advice For Solid Family Bonds

1. It is advised against married individuals living in a room with a South East facing window. It can be detrimental to your relationship, according to Vastu.

2.  It is great to decorate bedrooms with light hues.

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3. Your home shouldn’t be cluttered with anything. A messy or disorganised home draws a lot of bad energy, which creates discord among the occupants.

4. You should keep your room locked when sleeping if you are a married pair.

5.  For a happy and harmonious relationship, Vastu suggests that the wife sleep on the left side of the bed and the husband on the right.

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6. Any family photos should be hung in the room’s south-west corner.

7. No family member should eat in bed, according to recommendations. It’s not a good practise, because eating meals as a family at the table strengthens relationships amongst everyone.

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8. You should get your home’s walls fixed as soon as possible if there are any cracks in the walls. The siblings may have communication issues as a result of wall cracks.

9. A lot of plants give out a lot of positive energy, which is great for fostering strong family ties and partnerships. The north side of the home is lucky for planting green plants and trees. It fosters love and trust throughout the family.

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10. If your bedroom has a mirror, make sure it’s positioned so that neither the husband nor the wife can be seen when they are sleeping. It is not advisable for your relationship for you to sleep with a mirror facing you. If shifting the mirror’s placement is not an option, it must be covered while you are sleeping.