5 fantastic english movies to watch

Fantasy films are among the most popular genres in Hollywood. If you enjoy fictional works, here are some English films that you should watch with your loved ones.

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We can all say without hesitation that our childhoods were perfect thanks to some of the fantasy films we watched. From the ‘Harry Potter’ film series to ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’, these films brightened our lives.

If you’re looking for Hollywood fantasy movies to watch this weekend, check out the list below. Do watch them with your peers and reminisce about your childhood.

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Remember Willy Wonka, the famous character from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’? The recently released film ‘Wonka’ promises to delve into the backstory of this character’s evolution. The film depicts his difficult journey to build the world’s largest chocolate factory.

The lord of the Rings

‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a fantasy story divided into three parts that people of all ages enjoy watching. The story revolves around Frodo, a hobbit who inherited the One Ring, which is powerful enough to destroy the world. He joins forces with others to save the world from catastrophic destruction.

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Harry Potter Series

The ‘Harry Potter Series’ is one of the best-loved films ever. This fantasy film series consists of eight installments that span more than ten years. The plot revolves around the deception of the magical world of Hogwarts. Harry Potter is believed to be the only one capable of defeating you-know-who.


This is the story of Na’vis, who live on a world outside of Earth known as Pandora. They are beings who appear to be barbaric and wild, but are actually highly developed and intelligent. One of the humans who discovers the location falls in love with a Na’vi woman. The subsequent incidents will keep you hooked.

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Everything everywhere all at once

This Hollywood film, which revolves around the lives of a Chinese family living in the United States, is not to be missed. While contemplating divorcing her husband, Evelyn begins to have strange visions in which she must complete a mission in other universes. This makes her realise her mistakes in life and how to correct them.