Popular Motivational hindi movies for students in India

Movies may inspire people while also giving movie fans the much-needed amusement. Check out this extensive collection of  Hindi-language films if you’re a movie fan looking for some inspiration from different films’ main characters.

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1. Jo jeeta vo sikandar-The main character of this 1992 Hindi film is a down-on-his-luck, impoverished man. After a series of unexpected developments, the hero finally realises the true meaning of his existence. He works really hard throughout that time to prepare for a major cycling race, overcoming numerous physical and emotional challenges. This film emphasises the importance of perseverance and commitment as the cornerstones of success.

2. Lagaan-This 2001 Hindi film, which is classified as a sports-drama, illustrates the plight of impoverished villagers who must pay high taxes in British India. The villagers gang up against the British for a cricket match in an effort to avoid paying taxes. The result will determine their fate.

3. Chak De India-The film follows the life journey of a hockey coach who is viewed negatively because his team lost a significant competition. The plot of the film is how he creates a female squad that is capable of competing on a global scale and restores his damaged reputation. Students may be interested in learning about tolerance and teamwork.

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4. Mary Kom-India acknowledged Mary Kom’s talent and dedication with the release of this biography in 2014. When she won the boxing world championship, she became an overnight phenomenon and an incentive to both boys and girls to practise the sport. She possesses an unwavering sense of devotion and a never-give-up mentality that will serve as an example for students.

5. Taare Zameen Par-The film depicts the ups and downs of Ishaan, a dyslexic student. He receives criticism from all angles for being unable to keep up with rudimentary education until the intervention of a generous donor who recognises his difficulties and assists him in overcoming them. Students who see this film will gain empathy and learn how to support people with disabilities.

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6. 3 Idiots-Instead of aiming for success, pursue greatness. This is a unique message from this 2009 Hindi film about engineering students’ lives. The main lesson kids should take away is to learn with a purpose rather than just to perform well on tests. Three Idiots is a comedy that educates kids while entertaining them thanks to its worldly wisdom.

7. Guru- Guru, a 2007 biographical film, depicts a portion of Dhirubhai Ambani’s life, the well-known billionaire who epitomised the phrase “rags to riches.” A small-town hustler who wants to succeed in business by any means necessary is shown in the movie. For those who can gain leadership qualities, Guru is a valuable lesson. They are also reminded not to use illegal means, which is another lesson.

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8. Udaan-Hindi movie Udaan, which was released in 2010, depicts the interaction between a young child and his obnoxious father. Through this movie, the director hopes to persuade parents to give their children the freedom to pick the vocations they want to pursue.

9. English Vinglish-A fascinating perspective on the many ways people of all ages can enhance their life is presented in English Vinglish. This Bollywood movie, which was released in 2012, reveals several truths about life that apply to everyone and the current situation. Everyone is encouraged to start loving themselves by the self-assured female lead in order to turn life’s ordinary encounters into novel and wonderful ones. It is never too late to start anything new, as the audience of this movie will discover. They are also motivated to leave their comfort zone in order to succeed and experience life.

10. Super 30- A mathematician who aids disadvantaged students in their preparation for the admission exam of India’s most esteemed engineering college is the subject of the biographical drama Super 30 (2019). Students are encouraged by this film to pursue their aspirations no matter how difficult the situation may seem.