Expert Explains Vastu Rules for Keeping Grinding Stone in the Kitchen

Can Wrong Placement of Kitchen Harm You?

As Indians, we have a proclivity for Vastu, so we can never underestimate its importance in our lives. That being said, if your kitchen is not placed according to the Vastu directives, it can have the following negative effects:

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As previously stated, the incorrect location of the kitchen can cause unwanted conflicts and disputes in the family. So, pay close attention to its placement.

The imbalance of energies in the home frequently predisposes house members to various health-related ailments such as allergies, illness, and so on, which can be fatal in extreme cases.

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You may be surprised, but the incorrect placement of the kitchen can result in significant financial loss for the family, bringing them closer to bankruptcy in most cases.

Despite the availability of modern technologies, grinding stones are still used in the majority of Indian homes today. In this article, you can learn about the correct place and rules for keeping the Silbatta in the kitchen, based on the inputs shared by our expert

Vastu Tips For Keeping Silbatta In Kitchen 

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People frequently use silbatta to grind chutney and other spices. According to vastu shastra, you should not store anything related to crushing or grinding in the northeast corner.

You should also keep both items close by at all times. It is believed that because they are a pair, keeping them together generates positive energy.

Using silbatta in your home is considered very beneficial in Vastu. Silbatta is typically made of stone, and it contains not only earth elements, but also many other subtle elements that your body may not be aware of. Furthermore, if the spices are ground outside, it provides fresh air.

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Aside from that, make sure the cobblestone you’re using isn’t broken anywhere. If any part of it breaks at a corner, replace it right away.

The expert advised us to always clean them after use. You should never keep it dirty because it can cause negativity in the slate.

You must also clean it before using it to prevent the energy of one dish from being transferred to another.

However, you should never leave the cob lying in the cob. It should always be standing.

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