Delicious and Healthy Snacks to Bring on Your Next Road Trip

Travel is all about collecting once-in-a-lifetime encounters and stories. Whether it’s exploring new places, attempting new foods, or telling tales that came to life while travelling. Speaking of journeys, packing takes up a significant portion of our time, and with packing comes the issue – what food should we bring for the road?! Many individuals become ill while travelling. It is also recommended to consume light while travelling to avoid digestive problems. Especially for road trips, snacking and munching is one of the greatest aspects of those lengthy journeys.

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Lets discuss the best snacks you can bring on your next road trip

1. Roasted nuts- Roasted nuts are the best option to take with you while travelling on the road if you will eat roasted nuts it will make you feel fuller and provides you sufficient amount of protein as well. It will help you to prevent you from overeating and cravings.

2.  Fruits- Fruits are best to keep for long journeys.  These are nutritious as well as easily portable. You can eat them and they will provide you hydration and are good source of fiber. It will help you to combat with the constipation and may keep your bowel movements regular.

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3. Buttermilk- For lengthy trips, buttermilk is an option. It makes an excellent vacation food. It is rich in protein and calcium, and it aids metabolism. You can substitute buttermilk for sugary beverages or fizzy drinks, which are bad for your health.

4. Sandwiches- you can carry your favourite sandwiches with you for a long  road trip these are light and full of nutrition and usage of brown bread will make it extra healthy to consume. You can even go with whole wheat bread and veggies filling in it.

5. Energy Bars- these are the most popular meal replacement in the market. These bars are soy and gluten free and contains no sugar it has protein, fat and carbs in it they are healthy to consume and will make you full.

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6. Fresh vegetables with dip- fresh vegetables like baby carrots, sliced cucumbers and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes are super healthy to eat while travelling

7. Banana chips- The crispy and healthy banana chips are worth more than one bite you can make them at home quickly and with the use if air fryer it requires minimal oil as well.

8. Chikki- chikki is flavorful Indian snack which has variety of forms; you can made it at home with the use of peanuts, seasame seeds and rajgira.

9. Namak pare-Namak Pare is a classic dish that will never go out of style. With our unique baked version, you can make it in a nutritious manner that is low in calories. Trust us when we say this will become your go-to snack for any car journey.

10. Popcorn- Prepare some popcorn for your trip. You can flavor it with things like cheddar or toffee if you want.