Winter skin care tips from Korean Beauty experts

There are reasons why the world is obsessed with Korean beauty. Winter has arrived in India, causing dry and dull skin. Winter winds are harsh on the skin, causing it to become dry and dull. If you want soft and glowing skin in the winter, this is the winter-specific Korean beauty skincare routine for you.


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Koreans are religious about cleansing their skin, so regardless of the season, they must double cleanse. The skin is cleansed twice to remove dead skin cells, pollution particles, and dirt. Micellar water, followed by a moisturizing cleanser, can be used to clean the skin. Cleaning your skin removes impurities while also increasing hydration.


Exfoliation is necessary to rejuvenate the natural skin. Dirt and pollutants accumulate on our skin, forming a layer. Exfoliation removes impurities and improves skin permeability. However, don’t overdo this step because it can cause dryness. Natural exfoliators, such as rice flour, a popular Korean skincare ingredient, can be used. Exfoliation once a week is sufficient.

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Serum application

Serums are the foundation of the Korean skincare routine. Winter winds remove natural moisture from the skin, necessitating the use of serum to replenish that moisture. For the winter, you can buy a serum containing hyaluronic acid. Look for ingredients such as vitamin E, natural extracts such as liquorice and witch hazel, and lipids. These ingredients aid in the restoration of skin barriers.

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Sheet masks

Sheet masks are popular among Koreans.  They choose it regardless of the season. In the winter, you can use a sheet mask once or twice a week as part of your evening skincare routine. Choose a mask that ensures hydration and increases skin moisture for the winter season.

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Sunscreen protection

While you may believe that the sun’s rays are gentle on the skin during the winter. But this is not the case. Winter sun rays are equally damaging to the skin. To avoid tanning while basking in the sun on chilly winter mornings, apply sunscreen. However, rather than focusing on SPF in sunscreen during the winter, look for a product with a broad spectrum and a high UVA protection rating.

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